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Kenmore Loop

A scenic bus service from Pitlochry to Kenmore for a day filled with activities and history.

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Elizabeth Yule Bus Station Pitlochry

Departure: 9.00am
Return: 5.30pm

There is a lot to discover in Pitlochry, with much of our back garden to explore, from offroad driving around the terrain of Perthsire, to paddle boarding Loch Tay or riding quadbikes with friends. There are plenty of activities to sink your teeth into, whether you're a thrill seeker looking for a new hobby or just up for a fun experience during your time in Scotland.

Our Kenmore loop service travels from Pitlochry town centre to Aberfeldy and Kenmore with drop offs at some of Perthshire's most loved activity centres/parks, taking you right to the door of the location where you will have pre booked your day's activities. The loop passes 4 great activity centres - just pick which one you would like best and let Elizabeth Yule take care of navigating the back roads. You wont need to worry about parking or finding the right change but most of all, a bus service is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable ways to travel, so if you are fellow planet lover and want to make your contribution to a greener environment, then join us onboard!

This is not just an ordinary bus service so buckle up and enjoy the scenic ride to a day filled with outdoor experiences, adventure and laughter! 


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